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Effective February 1, 2017
(Amendment to May 9, 2011)

The Rosehill Cemetery Association is a non-profit Christian
Cemetery for the burial of peoples of all faiths.


    The Rosehill Cemetery Association Board shall consist of a president, secretary, treasurer, and two trustees. Officers shall be elected annually from and by the trustees for the current year and requires a quorum and simple majority of those trustees present. A trustee vacancy may be filled by the president with approval of a majority of remaining trustees.


    Officers of the Rosehill Cemetery Association Board shall receive no compensation with the exception of expenses incurred for association business. Officers will be reimbursed for these expenses upon approval of the board.


Duties of the officers are as follows:

shall preside at all meetings. The president may call a special meeting of the board when necessary.
A member of the board shall assume responsibilities in the absence of the president.

shall keep a complete and accurate record of all meetings. Shall provide all officers with the meeting agenda and copies of minutes of each meeting. Minutes must be approved by board members.

shall receive and disperse all monies. Shall provide board with report of income and expenses at each scheduled meeting. Treasurer's report must be approved by board members. Complete financial statement must be provided at least annually for review and approval by the board.


    Sexton shall be appointed by the Rosehill Cemetery Association Board. The sexton shall have charge of all records and plats. He shall keep a record of inurnments, receive and keep record of all payments for cemetery grave sites and turn same over to the Treasurer of the Rosehill Cemetery Association.


    No trees, shrubs, flowers, etc. shall be planted in the cemetery. Perpetual care is limited to mowing and trimming. All flowers in a pot on a stand may be left May-October. All other will be removed two weeks after Memorial Day. Christmas wreaths/greens may be put on graves. Wreaths/greens and stands remaining after April 1 will be disposed of. Rosehill Cemetery reserves the right to remove any unsightly, inappropriate, or abandoned grave decorations. Upright monuments or flat markers are allowed as grave memorials. The installation of all memorials is to be approved by the sexton. All memorials are to have a cement border of at least 6 inches wide. A single grave memorial must not exceed 48 inches including the foundation. Concrete vaults or grave liners are required for all full burials. Urn vaults are recommended. Memorials, along with their maintenance and care, remain the property and responsibility of the owner.


    Cemetery grave lots are easements with burial privilege but do not constitute property ownership. As such, they may not be resold and are non-refundable. No one can be buried on a lot who is not the purchaser or a relative without approval of the Association. However, the purchaser may will his lot. Graves not assigned within 40 years of purchase revert back to Rosehill Cemetery Association. A lot which is placed on hold with intent to purchase has one year grace period to pay in full from the initial hold date. Upon failure to pay in full, the purchaser must be notified and action taken by the entire board before reselling the lot. It is the family responsibility to inform the sexton with updated contact information.


    Care of the cemetery, the hiring of labor, and the purchase of equipment shall require the approval of the cemetery board.


    These bylaws were approved by the board at a meeting called by the acting President. These bylaws may be amended at a special meeting called by the president for that specific purpose. A three-fourths majority of the board is required for an amendment.

Signed; January__, 2017

- Maggie Hickle, President

- Karen Milner, Secretary

- Wayne Cessna, Treasurer

- Randy Hickle, Trustee

- David Ubl, Trustee

- Rhonda Kirchmeier, Trustee

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