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    Dear friends,

        After a relatively mild winter and an early spring, we are preparing for our spring cleanup in preparation for Memorial Day and the summer months. Our only sources of revenue are burial plot sales and generous support from people like you. All of these revenue sources are dedicated to mowing, general maintenance, repairs, and insurance costs. With lot sales down and maintenance costs rising, this annual appeal goes out to you today. We do not receive financial support from the city, county, or any governmental source.

    We are making this appeal knowing that you have strong feelings for the well being and upkeep of the cemetery.
    *Rosehill Cemetery is a 501(c) (13) Not-For-Profit cemetery under the Internal Revenue Code. Your donations are tax deductible.*

    For any donations or inquiries you may have, please see our -Contact Page- for more information.

Again, the board of trustees of Rosehill Cemetery Association, sincerely thank you and appreciate your past, and hoped for continued, support of Rosehill Cemetery.

    Sincerely, The Rosehill Cemetery Board:

- Maggie Hickle, President

- Wayne Cessna, Treasurer

- Karen Milner, Secretary

- Randy Hickle, Trustee

- Rhonda Kirchmeier, Trustee

- Dave Ubl, Trustee